With Integrity And Resource Management And Development Skills To Spare, President And CEO, Mathew Fleeger, Has Successfully Helmed Gulf Coast Western For Nearly A Dozen Years

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A member of the Business Professionals Who’s Who, as well as an oil and gas mogul and a graduate of the Cox School of Business, through Southern Methodist University, Mathew Fleeger has been president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western since 2007. Fleeger’s acumen vis a vis the areas of resource management and disposal is the result of more than a dozen years of working in the business, including within the tannin industry, where forestry management is key, and in the medical waste management sector, where Fleeger acted as CEO and president of Medsolutions before it was acquired by Stericycle.

The primary purpose of Gulf Coast Western, under Mathew Fleeger’s helmanship, has been to seek out oil and gas-rich regions, acquire the rights and develop the regions. Much of this mandate has been accomplished through long-term strategic partnerships, specifically including Warhorse Oil and Gas and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

With the aid of these fully accredited Southern United States-based partnerships, Gulf Western Oil, while under the leadership of Mathew Fleeger. has acquired property rights, including drilling locations and viable wells, as well as seismic data, specific to large portions of the Louisiana area. Mining the gulf coast region has proven a profitable venture for Gulf Coast Western, accounting for an estimated 14 million plus in annual revenues. Nonetheless, the company has plans to look at other parts of the U.S.

While there’s little doubt the company’s profitability is a key component to its success, other attributes remain intrinsically important. The enduring legacy of the 1970s-launched, Dallas-based firm owes much to its policy of developing strong relationships based on mutual trust. That promise of transparency has been kept under Mathew Fleeger. Even the Better Business Bureau would agree, having given Gulf Coast Western an A+ rating for business ethics and integrity.

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