Why Is Whitney Wolfe Now Time’s “Person of the Year”?

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The Person Of The Year Award by Time’s Magazine is somebody always inspiring, powerful, and capable of making huge changes in the world and has already made an impact. Whitney Wolfe was recently named the award, and some people aren’t so sure as to why. The truth is the she is making huge waves not just with her dating app but with her inspiring approach to life and business. Whitney Wolfe is an incredible creative human who is always looking for ways to give women the chance they deserve. Here’s just a few reasons why Whitney Wolfe deserves this award:


First of all, she is here to empower women. The app does exactly that. She wants to stop giving men the chance to beat women out and be disrespectful to them even when they don’t deserve to be. Wolfe knows what it’s like to be on an app like LinkedIn which is strictly for business and being a woman receiving gross messages from businessmen when they are completely uncalled for. It astounds her how men can get away with this. This is why Bumble is so strong in its beliefs. It is the one place where she can teach men how to respect women.

Another great thing she does is working with the right people so that Bumble can battle gun violence. It’s sad all of the shootings that have taken place, and she doesn’t want men and women to romanticize the usage of guns in photos. Photos are now currently on caution because Bumble doesn’t accept photos of guns or any form of gun violence in photos anymore. She Whitney Wolfe personally works hard towards donating and working closely with March For Our Lives, an organization for young adults to fight gun violence.

Whitney Wolfe is a woman of her word who just wants t make a difference. Striving for equality, she just genuinely wants to give women that voice that they know they cannot find anywhere else. Bumble is an app with 33 million registered users across over 144 countries worldwide. The app has even added in different versions like Bumble BFF where you can swipe on people to find best friends to hang with. When you move to a new place and you need to make friends, this is the way to go. Meet people for dates or friends through Bumble. They have come up with everything to meet people.

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