Why David McDonald Has Spent His Entire Career At OSI Group

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David McDonald is a business executive who has been involved with food and farming his whole life. He was born on a farm in Iowa and lived there up through graduating from college. He studied animal science at Iowa State University where he won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. This award was for outstanding academic achievement and being heavily involved in the community, both on and off campus.Once he earned his college degree David McDonald joined a food processing company, OSI Group. He started out as a project manager and his skill and dedication led to his being promoted higher and higher. Eventually, he became the president of OSI Group and its chief operations officer. He has been in these two roles ever since, just behind the owner and chief executive officer of the company, Sheldon Lavin.

During his time as OSI Group, he has been deeply involved in its growth into one of the biggest food processing companies in the industry. For the past several years he has played the key role of handling mergers and acquisitions. Some of the businesses he has acquired for OSI Group include Baho Foods in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom’s Flagship Europe. David McDonald also handled a merger between his company’s subsidiary OSI International Foods and Turi Foods in Australia. When this deal was completed he released a statement that said both firms have strong reputations and similar cultures which made them a natural match.

David McDonald has now been with OSI Group for over 30 years. He has said that this company embraces innovation and growth. He also really likes the culture at this company which he has described as like being in a family. This view is shared by many employees as they, like him, have made the choice to spend their entire careers working for OSI Group.He also says that his company views their customers and suppliers as being part of the family as well. He has said that they wouldn’t provide any food to customers that they wouldn’t also give to their own families. He said he is proud of OSI Group and what it delivers.

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