Wes Edens, Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

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Wes Edens is rightfully considered as one of America’s best entrepreneurs, due to the business success that he has enjoyed over the past few decades. As with most successful entrepreneurs, he has significant stakes in multiple companies spanning different industries. While he is best known as one of the driving forces behind the Fortress investment group, Wes Edens also owns a stake in the sports team (both on the physical and electronic platforms) as well as a rich history as a successful investment banker. At 56 years of age, Wes is estimated to have a net worth exceeding 1.6 Billion dollars.

While most successful businesspeople usually graduate from prestigious Ivy League schools, Wes graduated from the more modes Oregon State University in 1984. Within three years, he was already working for Lehman’s brothers where he rose through the ranks to become a partner by 1993. Seeking to find a more challenging work environment, he joined Blackrock Asset Investors as a managing director.

During his stints at Wall Street, Edens had already distinguished himself as having superior investment instincts. His investment decision-making process involved a lot of risks and was thought of as being unorthodox at the time. This led him and four other partners to form their investment firm, The Fortress Investment Group.

Under Wes Eden’s leadership, the Fortress Investment Group has invested in a diverse set of companies covering industries such as hospitality, transport, manufacturing and the tech industry. This success led to Fortress Investment Group being awarded the title of the best hedge fund in the US for the year 2014.

Fortress Investment group also has the distinction of being the first major hedge fund in the US to be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Apart from his success in hedge fund management, Wes is also one of the co-owners of the NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks, which is based within Wisconsin.

One of the true marks of an accomplished investor is the ability to identify new investment areas that might pay off in the future. Wes Edens is the first mainstream investors who has recognized the electronic sports (e-sports) leagues, which will dictate how most people consumer sporting events in the future.

As one of the most popular e-sports games, which attract millions of viewers annually is League of Legends, Edens is the owner of a professional League of Legends team known as ‘FlyQuest.’ At 56 years old, Wes Edens is relatively young (in billionaire years) and still has much more to accomplish.

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