Tony Petrello- Success business executive and philanthropist

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Tony Petrello is the most successful CEO of Nabors Industries so far. Although he has not yet completed his term in office, he is one of the people who has made sure that the company takes a leading position in the global oil and gas drilling industry. Nabors Industries is the leading firm in the world in off-shore and on-shore drilling sectors. He is one of the people who has made the industry better by pushing for advanced methods of drilling. The reason Nabors has taken over the industry is a result of the advanced technology it is deploying in its operations combined with good human resource support. With tony Petrello at the helm of the company, success is guaranteed.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 after leaving a law firm he was working with as a business lawyer in New York. He was brought to Nabors industries so that he could help in organizing the operations of the company since he had demonstrated to the management of the company that he could be of great help to the growth of the company. Tony was handling legal matters on behalf of Nabors Industries when he was spotted by the management then.

Tony has excelled in other areas and not just business. As a top corporate executive in the country, he is making a lot of money from the business. So, he has more money that he needs to live the best life. Tony has decided that he won’t use the money for gambling or any other unnecessary activities. He has pledged to use his wealth for the betterment of others’ lives. He is already supporting a neurological research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is researching for the cause and treatment of neurological disorders in children.

Tony Petrello together with his wife- Cynthia has contributed to the development of the facility by donating $5 million and pledging to add more once the facility makes progress with its recent research work. Tony Petrello has also contributed to the growth of the company by leading fundraising mission on behalf of the facility, in the fundraisers which he has initiated, the facility has received about $500 million.

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