Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Wing Know As Stream Cares Is Changing Lives In A Big Way:

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Stream Cares is the name of the charitable work arm for innovative energy provider Stream Energy. Stream Energy is notable for its creative way of distributing its services by use of the network marketing system. The Texas-based firm provides services in energy, internet services and also security and home services. Stream Energy has always maintained a dedicated commitment to serving its communities through philanthropic work and the creation of Stream Cares is a solid proof of this commitment. Part of the work that the Stream Energy Stream Cares arm does involves the partnering up with other charitable work organizations. These organizations include great organizations like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Hope Supply Co. This kind of charitable work on the part of Stream was recently the topic of an article featured on the website known as Patch.

Hurricane Harvey has been one of the worst disasters to hit the state of Texas in many years and many individuals were left in a really bad way. As a number of families found themselves suddenly homeless, Stream Energy mobilized its Stream Cares team to get to work pitching in and helping out. To accomplish this, Stream joined forces with Hope Supply Co. and the two organizations went to work helping to alleviate the suffering that the storm had brought onto these Texas residents. 2016 saw many residents of North Texas hit with a disaster in the form of a series of tornadoes. When this tragedy occurred, Stream worked with the long-standing and well-known organization known as the Salvation Army in order to get together the funding needed to provide significant help to those who were uprooted by the event. Stream Energy also made the decision to match all funds that were raised for relief to these Texas citizens.

The bottom line with all of this sincere philanthropic activity is the fact that Stream takes its social responsibility to its communities very seriously. This is why Stream partners up with so many great organizations. It works out to be a great way to encourage a spirit of giving in these communities that Stream serves.

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