“Somebody” By the Chainsmokers Brief Tutorial

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The Chainsmokers latest song “somebody” was a great hit. As per the clip they posted on Facebook, they have expounded on the detail about the making of the song. “Somebody” is more of samples of pitched- up vocal together with a modular synth kind of work. The duo gives a brief tutorial on how the song came to be right from the composition process. As they explain, some part of the vocal was initially prepared for another song and hence the change of pitch in the song. According to the fun clip, the Chainsmokers are seen having a time of their life playing the Ableton, the piano and the synth in the making the incredible hit that since then topped many charts across the globe.


The American DJ/production duet consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul. The pair originally was formed in 2012 with Rhett Bixler who is a former DJ and Paul under the management of Adam Alpert. At the time Paul was at NYU for an art and music business course while Taggart was in Syracuse University. The twosome began by doing remixes of indie bands after Taggart left Maine for New York. Their biggest breakthrough was in 2014 for their song “#selfie”. The song reached top twenty in several countries and the following year; they realized debut EP with the name “Bouquet” in late October.

The duo has had a successful career that is full of awards. They have over fifty-four nominations and have won twenty-seven of them which is around half of the nominations. Their song “don’t let me down” for example reached the top five and won them a Grammy award for the best dance recording during the 59th award ceremony. The Chainsmokers have also worn five iHeartRadio Music awards and two American Music Awards. Their music style revolves around pop music, hip-hop, indie dance music. In the year 2017, the Chainsmokers appeared on the Forbes list as the third paid DJs in the last 12 months after making around thirty eighty million dollars. It is the same year when their album ” memories do not open” was platinum certified.



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