Rodrigo Terpins’ Impressive Performance as a Rally Driver

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Rodrigo Terpins entered the entrepreneurial world upon graduating with a degree in Business Management from Saint Hilaire College. His entrepreneurial journey began at Lojas Marisa, a prestigious clothing line where he held various leadership positions. He held the role of the President of the famous clothing store from 1991 to 2006. Later on, he resigned and started a company, T5 Participacoes, where he serves as the senior director.


Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins is a skilled rally driver who participates in Brazil’s largest annual off-road championship as Bull Sertoes Rally team racer. Rodrigo Terpins became passionate about car racing at a young age and later on realized he would make a career out of his passion. He teamed up with his brother, Michael Terpins, and other two crew members to form a racing team, Bull Sertoes, in 2015. Over time, the crew went ahead to become the leading award-winning team in Brazil. Check out


In fact, the Bull Sertoes team ranks among the fastest racing squads in the nation. Rodrigo Terpins race aboard the T-Rex, which helps them cover long stretches and maneuver through rough terrain. MEM Motorsport, the sponsor of the Terpins brothers, is the designer of the engine of the T-Rex, which contains a V8 engine to give it more intensity and power to maneuver rough terrains and speed up through mountainous and rocky roads. In fact, Rodrigo Terpins and his crew won the exhausting 2nd stage of the just concluded Sertoes Rally edition racing on the T-Rex. For more details visit



Rodrigo Terpins was gloomed into the sports space way back as a teenager by his father, Jack Terpins, who was a professional player of basketball. His father went on to invest in the real estate after retiring from his athletic career. The Terpins brothers now carry on the legacy of that their father instilled in them as youths and are determined to display their exceptional driving skills in major championships. Rodrigo Terpins together with his brother, Michael Terpins, are the current leaders of the Cross Country Championship in Brazil. Besides the 24th Sertoes Rally championships, the Terpins brothers had won several other major competitions before.



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