Rodrigo Terpins and Why He Is More Than Just A Talented Corporate Executive

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The name Rodrigo Terpins may already strike a chord to many business professionals as he is known to be an investment manager as well as operations director. His name may already remind people in Sao Paulo, Brazil how to lead and stay in an executive position long enough to stay relevant. However, what many people don’t yet realize is that the passion, career and innovation of Terpins don’t just stick in the corporate sector. His passion for service isn’t limited by the barriers in the corporate world. Rodrigo Terpins right now is also carving a name in the field of racing. In fact, he is right now the Director and Team Creator of the Sertoes Rally racing group, Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

One of the recent racing challenges that Terpins has won is the T1 Prototype Category in the Rally dos Sertoes or Sertoes Rally. It was there that he won with his team the ranking of being in the Top 6. Everyone already knows that Sertoes Rallies are known for their difficult racing paths in the offroad racing category. The terrains usually used in the Sertoes Rally are so difficult, that the racers who participate in them tend to risk their lives. Many racers are even bowled over by the challenges integrated in the Sertoes’ paths. But this didn’t stop Terpins and his team to join the race. They still persisted, faced the difficult muddy and sinuous terrains, and won several of the races. In the Cross Brasil article, it is revealed that the dedication of Terpins in the race has resulted to the racing team to won 5th and 6th positions in the Prototypes T1 category. This achievement would also not be possible without the help of the T-Rex vehicle that Terpins used during the entire race. Check out for more


It’s certainly essential to add here that this Sertoes Rally track spans a long distance. It started in the State of Goias and then entered into the Minas Gerais Territory, which is linked at the end of the Paracatu terrain. This suggests that the race isn’t just difficult to begin with, but it is a long, arduous one that would test the racers to their limits.



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