Robert Santiago legacy as the owner of Manaira shopping mall

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Roberto Santiago is the owner and the manager of the largest shopping mall in Brazil which is located in Paraiba State. He has a successful history which tells more about his hard work and determination which has made him become who he is today. He was born from a very humble background in Joao Pessoa. After completing his high school, he went to one of the Joao Pessoa colleges called Pio X-Marist College, but he did not stop there. He wanted to create some satisfaction for his interest in business, and therefore he had to seek more knowledge in class. He, thus, went to University Center of Joao Pessao where he attained his undergraduate degree in Business administration.

Roberto Santiago joined one of the manufacturing companies in Brazil where he worked after completing his education. He worked there for a short period in which he was learning and getting skills on how to run a business of his own. He went ahead to satisfy his interest in business by staring his own company which specialized in selling cartons that were made from cardboard. He named this company Cartonnage Company. The company grew rapidly due to the management and entrepreneurial skills that Roberto Santiago portrayed.

As a good business manager, Roberto Santiago always made the right decisions and sound strategic plans. The right plans have a lot of benefits in any business one of them is ensuring efficient utilization and allocation of the resources. The profits that he gained in the Cartonnage Company he put them to good use by investing in the Real Estate.

It is this interest and experience in the Real Estate that gave him the idea of buying land in which Manaira Mall is built today. It took him not more than two years to build and launch the mall. Today, Manaira Mall is one of the largest malls in Brazil that is used for recreation among other activities. It holds a theatre, a college, a food court, one of the largest halls in Brazil that are used to host concerts, weddings, exhibitions among other activities.

The mall has brought about a lot of positive implications in Paraiba Estate as well as Brazil as a whole. The mal itself has created employment opportunities for a significant number of residents. A lot of investors have also had a lot of interest to invest in the mall since people will always want to be associated with winners. Besides, the mall has also attracted a lot of economic activities around the areas surrounding it. It has also led to improvement in the infrastructure of the area because of increased economic activities.

Manaira Mall has created a significant contribution to the economic growth and development of Brazil as a country which has made a very prominent entrepreneur in the country who is recognized and appreciated by the whole society of Brazil.


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