OSI Proves Why It is One of the Largest Independent Companies In the U.S.

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American-based OSI Group is a privately-held conglomeration of meat processors that currently serve retail and food industries across the globe. The business began in the humble confines of a family-run meat market in 1909. Founded first as Otto & Sons in 1928 the business expanded into OSI group in 1975. OSI Food Solutions owes its success to innovation. The company embraces change, and advocates for new process that ensure healthier meat for consumption. Its first big break 1955, when its quality ground-beef patties were selected by Ray Kroc for McDonald’s. In 1960 it joined the revolution of cryogenic food processing. This embrace of innovation led OSI Food Solutions to become one of five major suppliers for McDonald’s. It has since expanded its operation to 65 facilities, with 20, 000 workers operating in 17 countries.

OSI Food Solutions is known for its attention to quality, and its treatment of consumers. The company is continuously credited for its responsiveness and consistency in meeting customers’ needs. Its custom meat processing covers a wide variety of foods like meats, fruits, vegetables, and other proteins. It follows strict guidelines to ensure safety, and generates food to the specifications of its customers. Its ethics both in customer service and overall quality have garnered the company praise numerous times. It has also won some accolades.

Most recently OSI Food Solutions was presented with the 2018 International Safety Award of Merit. Presented by BSC it recognized OSI for its continued attention to safety in the generation of consumed foods. This came on the heels of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in 2016. The award was given by the British Safety Council in recognition of exemplary management of environmental risk.

OSI is constantly held as one of top 100 food companies in America. It delivers a good product, covers a wide range of foods, is known for safety, embraces innovation, and appreciates its consumers. This kind of quality breeds nothing but success for the company that produces it. It also makes OSI a dependable food processor. This is a very nice accolade to find in a food service company, as it generates confidence in safety.

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