OSI Group: Taking the Lead in Food Solutions

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Food solutions are the part of the food industry people don’t fully understand. It’s not that hard to understand; it’s just all the big corporate names and standards that throw people off. Most of the confusion comes from small food companies’ marketing strategies.

Smaller food companies boast that only their products are fresh and healthy, which shines a bad light on corporate food solutions. In most cases, the larger food companies supply foods to grocery stores and private institutions, like schools and prisons that have their food delivered. Realizing the big-food industry isn’t the monster small artisan companies paint them to be, people can better understand what goes on behind closed doors.

One of the top food solutions company is OSI Group. That name doesn’t sound familiar, but it’s actually one of the largest privately held food companies in the industry. To see their name, consumers would have to read the small print on the packaging.

Nevertheless, OSI Group is one of the most revolutionary food companies in the industry right now. Their customers like working with them because of their offer the largest span of services to bring their food ideas to life.

That kind of innovative and dedicated service to their customers and consumers is why OSI Group wins so many awards. Recently, their UK branch, OSI Food Solutions UK, won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award. The award was given to them in 2016 at a luncheon the British Safety Council hosts every year.

That particular year, the luncheon was at Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI Group was not the only company to win an award. Eighteen other companies won similar awards for similar reasons. The Globe of Honor Award is given to the company that displays the best environmental risk management strategy.

Before winning the award, OSI Group was given a five-star rating by the British Safety Council. They give these stars based on strict criteria that take into account the company’s conscious effect on the environment. The more risk management the company displays, the higher the star rating.

Every year, the British Safety Council audits different firms and determines their star rating. All of the companies that were nominated alongside OSI Group also had a five-star rating.


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