Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made by Congress

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Congress is known for being filled with some interesting characters, but one of the most unique discoveries was made by software developer Ed Summers who started tracking the Wiki edits that members of congress made to Wikipedia and posting the more unusual edits on twitter.

Most of the changes that were made involved promotions or other changes in status of members of Congress, but there were also a number of more interesting ones, including a number of resume padders. One example, found in SF Gate, involves Tim Hueslkamp, a Republican from Kansas. Someone added a section calling him a “National Conservative Leader”. He’s alienated himself from party leaders recently and the twitter account does not name who made the edit, so it’s unclear what the editor’s exact motivations were.

Other edits made by members of Congress and their staff are more funny than anything else. For example someone added Harambe’s name to the list of political leaders whose assassination may be part of a conspiracy. Another edit added the phrase “not chicken” to the entry for Ham.

Other edits are more strange than funny or have some kind of political motivations. For example one editor removed the phrase that intelligent design and creationism are psuedo-scientific. In an article about torture, the phrase “enhanced interrogation techniques” was removed as a euphemism for torture.

These Wikipedia edits underline the importance of using qualified Wikipedia editors to make changes to  articles in order to make sure that information on the website remains factual and unbiased. Get Your Wiki is reputable service that will create and edit a Wikipedia page about you or your business easy.

Because Wikipedia is open source and free and easy to use, that means that anyone can update a Wikipedia page. Most edits are designed to be helpful, but there are a few that are created as malicious attacks or to push a particular agenda. That is why it is important for a business or a busy professional to use a service that not only creates a positive and accurate page, but also help protect the page against these kinds of malicious attacks.

One of the biggest reasons why people create their own Wikipedia pages is because it adds a level of authenticity to their brand or business. It can also provide potential customers and clients with an easy to read biography or history that can be quickly found by any search engine. With the amount of benefits, it becomes particularly important to do it right.

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