Malcolm CasSelle: Pioneering Universal Exchange In The Online Gaming World

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Malcolm CasSelle is considered the foremost merchant in the bitcoin business. This new business has found great success globally in the use of micro-payments.

Malcolm CasSelle earned his bachelor’s degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. CasSelle also received his master’s degree with his major in computer science at Stanford University.

Before founding WAX and OPSkins, he was Chief Executive Officer of Timeline Labs. CasSelle has supervised the startups of many businesses within the digital industry, including MediaPass, and Xfire, to name a few.


Malcolm CasSelle is president of Worldwide Asset eXchange. This exchange currently serves over 400 million gamers globally. The service gives players the opportunity to trade from peer to peer.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange sells over two million digital items weekly. WAX was conceived and built by the OPSkins team. OPSkins is a business earning billions of dollars. Worldwide Asset eXchange was designed by Malcolm CasSelle to satisfy over 400 digital items that gamers need worldwide.

WAX provides an essential need for the $50 billion trading and gaming market. The key to Worldwide Asset eXchange success is providing digital items in a decentralized market. WAX is not a bitcoin. WAX gives its users an exact digital piece that can is usable in their gaming across the world.

In the gaming world, trading markets and the WAX token are linked, meaning the digital items(tokens) grow in size as the trading business increases.

The worldwide digital token industry has businesses in the thousands. The Worldwide Asset eXchange covers the complete spectrum from settlement agents, affiliates, and any other companies that are involved in digital item trading. Before WAX, previous centralized businesses could not overcome the adversity inherent in the digital item trading business.


Malcolm CasSelle, along with founders William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis are experts in the blockchain industry. Before WAX, Quinley and Yantis founded Tether. Tether pioneered the USD token used by exchanges globally.

OPSkins is another forerunner in using a central system in the online market that CasSelle designed and built. His WAX system takes the centralized system to worldwide use, giving buyers and sellers in the gaming world the ability to interact directly.


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