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The process of acquiring RMG Networks by Sachs Capital saw Madison Street Capital play an advisory role. The closing of the transaction was funded Virgo Capital and Merion Investment. Now, 50%of the Fortune 100 companies utilise digital signage software, hardware and other services offered by RMG. Barry Petersen, who is the Senior Managing Director, led Madison Street Capital team.

Sachs Capital Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gregory H. Sachs said they are pleased with the closing of the transaction. The success of this transaction is attributed to Madison Street Capital’s efforts, relationships, and guidance. According to Mr Barry Petersen, it was good practice for Madison Street to offer their support to Mr Sachs as he undertook the transaction. He termed it, as fascinating saying RMG is well position to take advantage of the growth opportunities for its owners the digital signage pegged on cloud technology and Korbyt, a corporate platform for communication.

Due to this transaction, all stockholders at RMG Networks are about to receive $1.29 per share. More so, as of 28 September 2018, RMG stock ceased to trade at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange once the transaction was closed. RMG network outdoes traditional communication to help businesses in efficiency, productivity, and engagement through digital messaging. Combining hardware, software, business applications and services, the company provides a sole point of responsibility for integrated visualisation of data and real-time management of performance. RMG Network headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

Conversely, Sachs Capital Group provides both non-regulatory and regulatory capital to successful business people. Through their investment philosophy, it is easy to see that the company believes in durable capital increase that follows careful financial and operating risk. Sachs Capital is a disciplined investor that deals with business fundamentals, valuation, superior management and the best practices of corporate governance.


Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation as an excellent investment banking company pegs on excellence, leadership, integrity, and service. The company strives to deliver services in areas of corporate finance advisory, merger and acquisition expertise, financial options as well as valuation services to businesses that are public or private. At Madison Street, the idea is to position all its clients on a path to success in the worldwide marketplace.

The company takes every client’s project personally, meaning that their monetary advisory and prosperous capital is the catalyst of matching the M&A transactions for transfer and ownership. According to Madison Street Capital, the emerging markets are the source behind the global growth of each one of their clients, which is why it continues to focus on these markets. Earning the trust of their clients has been successful because Madison Street is dedicated to the highest professional standards. The global view of this company rests on the emphasis of the local networks and business relationships.


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