Jeremy Goldstein Skips All the Negativity

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There’s so much negativity around stock options and the stock market, in general. It’s not anyone’s fault that people don’t trust the markets anymore; it’s just a different generation. The older generation grew up learning about investing and preparing for retirement. The new generation only knows about spending money and trying to live in luxury.

If people aren’t trying to live the high life, they’re just working so hard; they don’t think about what’s going to happen when they’re forced to retire. It’ used to be that people thought about retirement because they had stock options they could look at and work out how much money they had at that moment.

These days, the gap between people and the stock market means that stock options aren’t as favorable. People prefer benefits like higher wages or better insurance over potential stock value. It’s just a hard fact that stocks can and do drop and become worthless.

Is fear a good reason to not provide stock options? That can’t be the only reason corporations stopped offering stock options, and it’s not. Corporations have many reasons they’ve stopped providing stock options and tax burdens play a big role in many of their decisions. Learn more:

They’re not getting rid of stock options to save money; it’s all the red tape and long hours they no longer want to deal with. By the time their accountants work everything out, stock options may not be worth the trouble. In some cases, it’s easier to eliminate stock options and offer higher salaries.

Regardless of what people may think, stock options have more advantages than disadvantages. It’s important that companies talk with their accountants and discuss all types of stock options; yes, there’s more than one kind. That’s something many corporations don’t think about before going with a different compensation method.

A driving force supporting stock options is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which he founded after working at a similar law firm and learning the tricks of the trade. Now, Jeremy Goldstein is New York’s top advisor when it comes to employee benefits.

Jeremy Goldstein also writes and speaks on matters of executive compensation and corporate governance.

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