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Brian Torchin, an excellent health care personnel, is the CEO of the Healthcare Recruitment Counsellors (HCRC) staffing. He established his company in the year 2005. Since then, his company has been performing amazingly in staffing services in the healthcare industry.

His services have spread far and wide maneuvering the entire globe. He vast knowledge on healthcare services saw his company grew to more far-reaching borders of the United States.

Physicians, doctors of chiropractic and physical therapists all with Brian, led to the inception of HCRC staffing. It is a leading company service delivery and consultation for the healthcare sector.

Torchin on Facebook

The Facebook platform has been Torchins propeller in advertisement and significant information needed by the public. Through this media, Brian can post various job opportunities and the possible branch brand requiring an attendant.

Companies created by Torchin

Torchin has founded numerous organizations. The Philadelphia chiropractic clinic was started in 2007. HCRC staffing companies have spread in almost corner of the United States. Legal and healthcare facilities are some the service offered by these companies. Learn more about Brian Torchin: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086 and https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/brian-torchin-jobs-SRCH_KO0,13.htm


Brian Torchin has made significant steps. He deserves and a standing ovation from various achievements he has executed. The primary one being the establishments of the HCRC Company.

His company stands tall from its consistent service delivery. Countries such as Australia and Canada are the immediate countries to experience Brian’s services.

Media House lets featuring Brian

Several media houses have recognized the mesmerizing work done by Torchin. Media houses such as CNN, Chicobell.net, Babushkas Online and MagicOpen.com are some the media houses that have featured Torchin.

Advantages of Utilizing His Services

Brian Torchin has explored every opportunity in health care delivery to the community. His community has benefited a lot from his unrelenting work. His service of HCRC staffing has seen many companies seeking legal and healthcare service find their problems solved.

Torchin on Twitter

Brian Torchin’s twitter handle is gaining a lot of followers each day. His tweets are meant to update the public of the general operations of the company. He has been able to advertise various job opportunities. Through this social media platform, he has helped many jobless individuals find a job.

Torchin’s business model

Finding a client staff without much time is Brian Torchin ’s primary business model. The prime goal of his staffing company is to discover a doctor in 72 hours and the ultimate hiring experience of his company.

His aims at instilling necessary knowledge to the community about healthcare service and the possible ways of evading health issues.

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