How Gareth Henry Came To Specialize In The Private Credit Sector

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Professional private credit investor Gareth Henry has worked in two financial capitals of the world, London and New York City. After earning an actuarial mathematics and statistics degree in 2001 he began working in the financial industry, first as an analyst at the financial management firm Watson Wyatt LLP. His success in this position took him to Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, where he became an investment manager at SEI Investments.

Moving back to London, he joined Strategic Solutions as its director. He then joined the New York alternative asset management company Fortress Investment Group. Most recently he worked at Angelo, Gordon & Company. At both of these latter two firms he was the head of global investor relations. This position involves working directly with client’s and coming up with the best investment strategies to meet their needs. His clients were institutional investors such as insurance firms, pensions, banks, endowments, and hedge funds.

One of the investment areas that Gareth Henry is most experienced in is private credit sector. He says that this area has seen particularly strong growth in recent years due to increased regulations for publically-traded companies, especially banks. This creates opportunities for investors like him to buy private credit at a discount which helps to create great returns.

Gareth Henry says that the world of finance often intertwines with the field of mathematics. Once he developed knowledge about economics, finance, and risk management he says that he became hooked to investing in alternative asset classes. Many people deeply into math have difficulties carrying on meaningful conversations with others but he says he hasn’t had this type of trouble. Instead, he was able to form a broad network of contacts who he could have discussions with about investing and other areas, fueling his career.

Another way that Gareth Henry has helped develop his career is by always staying on top of what the latest trends are in the financial industry. He also says that he maintains an open dialog with his clients where he discovers the full context of what their needs and goals are. It’s only by doing this that he can get the full picture.

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