Here’s How Freedom Checks Differ From Trump Bonus Checks

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Freedom Checks have been introduced by Matt Badiali through an online ad, making many people raise their eyebrow. While some people were quick to label it a scam, in actuality Freedom Checks are not a fast scheme that can earn you millions of dollars with the press of a button, but a real investment strategy that requires dedication and work from people who want to make a decent revenue. The concept is based on the very real Statute 26-F, which was enacted in 1987 which aims to encourage companies to search for natural resources domestically and not depend on the foreign oil companies. Despite the fact that the statute has been in place for so many years, it has only recently caught the public’s attention.

Companies that want to quality for Statute 26-F have to pay their investors lucrative dividends, and have to generate 90% of their profit from domestic resources. Simply put, Freedom Checks are the result of investing in oil and gas companies that are based in the United States and meet the Statute 26-F requirements. People who are interested in investing can start with as little as $10, and can use Matt Badiali’s newsletter Real Wealth Strategist as a guide to better understand the whole venture. According to him, investors can get a return on their investment of up to 8,000%.

A similar concept has been recently introduced by Mike Burnick, called Trump Bonus Checks. He promoted them to the veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, Burnick stating that people are entitled to Trump Bonus Checks as a result of their patriotism. Burnick owns a newsletter, Infinite Income, where he claims to know how to create a portfolio that is “disaster-proof”. Trump Bonus Checks are different to Freedom Checks however, due to the fact that Freedom Checks are based on investing money in MLPs. MLPs are Master Limited Partnerships which fall under the regulations posed by Statute 26-F, which means the companies earn their profits from natural resources. Investing in MLPs makes the investor a limited partner, and as a result they receive a share of the company’s income.

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