Herbalife’s New Coffee May be Their Next Big Leap

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A new wave in health and fitness craze has inspired many companies to supplement their beverage products with protein or other vitamins and minerals, offering them a new line of marketing opportunities to some of the more fitness conscious people. A prime example would be Musclefood Brewery’s Barbell Brew, a beer that is loaded with protein and is offered in several different flavors and styles of beer. This new consumer trend offers new avenues into the supplement industry, as existing beverage companies can experiment with supplementing their drinks. The other direction would be existing supplement companies experimenting with new flavors and new beverages, as is the case of Herbalife with their new iced coffee product.

Herbalife is a relatively youthful company, started by one Mark Hughes in the 80s in an attempt to correct some of the more widespread nutrition problems and dieting issues that many in the world face. The company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, with the headquarters located in Los Angeles. Herbalife offers a wide array of nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and personal care products and shows no signs of slowing at all in their development department. The company is present in over 90 different countries across the world and has quickly expanded in recent years, despite negative publicity about being a pyramid scheme. Overcoming these rumors, the company has persevered, offering dozens of products designed for both general nutrition help and more specific targets of nutrition in the form of supplements.

Herbalife’s new Iced Coffee may be somewhat of a hidden gem for the company in the United States, where the product is focused. Many American men and women enjoy the taste and caffeine of an iced coffee but do not enjoy the high calorie amounts found almost across the board with ice coffee due to large amounts of added sugars. The new Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee gives the drinker a whopping 15 grams of protein as well as 80 mg of caffeine while still maintaining the flavor of ice coffee. The best part of the product: the negligible 100 calories of the coffee means that people will be able to drink it without as much guilt as a regular iced coffee. This new high flavor, low calorie iced coffee is already a remarkably appealing product to the average modern consumer, and the presence of protein will only further convince shoppers to buy this product.






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