Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Advice To His Younger Self

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum just gave a fascinating interview where he highlighted what advice he would give his younger self. The hyper-productive doctor is a specialist in joint reconstruction surgeries. He’s already forged himself a storied career, and he has a long way to go. He’s a tour de force so everybody should listen to his advice.


Apparently, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum would go back in time to tell his younger self that he should find a mentor. He should find the men and women who have done what he is doing today. He should watch them closely so that he could accelerate his learning, innovations and techniques.


He continues to say that everybody should stay humble. There’s always somebody out there who is better than you at any given moment, and you should not be afraid to learn from them. This is a valuable advice for any young person seeking out a career in medicine.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum put himself on the map by specializing in minimally invasive joint surgeries. He trained at the prestigious Rothman Institute, and he has served as chief of reconstructive surgery for Kaiser Permanente. He has innovated many treatments and holds various trademarks in his specialty.

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