Deirdre Baggot Can Eliminate Deadly Medical Errors

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Deirdre Baggot, who is CEO of Camden Group medical company. holds degrees in RN, MBA, and a Ph.D. Dr. Baggot earned her bachelor’s in nursing from Southern Illinois University where she graduated from with a sums cum luade honor. Deirdre Baggot received her masters in business administration and Gregory LaVert Scholar from Layola Graduate School of Business. Dr. Baggot earned her Ph.D. from University of Colorado.

Dr. Baggot began her medical career in 1997. She was employed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Ill, as resource coordinator and staff nurse. Baggot managed the hospital’s administration group. After six years working at Northwestern Memorial, Dr. Baggot moved to Ann Arbor, Mich. As part of the University of Michigan Health System, Baggot was a business analyst and manager of the administrative group. The health system awarded Baggot an award for leadership in safety and earned her Lean/Six Sigma Certification. All of these experiences led to Dr. Baggot becoming CEO of the Camden Group. The doctor has been invited to be key note speaker at many medical conferences. View to know more.

One of many ideas Dr. Baggot came up with when Baggot was a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she found herself automatically ordering diagnostic and lab tests for her patient. Later, she had an idea to come up with the checklist based on the individual medical needs of the patient. Every item has a deadline on the checklist. The doctor puts dates on everything on her personal to-do checklist. Dr. Deidre Baggot is very selective about which medical conferences to attend while trying to focus on her job. The doctor uses her time wisely and comes up with many new programs and strategies for over 200 hospitals.

Dr. Baggot writes down her idea and tries to describe it. Once she feels it is clear enough, she brings in a team of colleagues to see if she can convince them it is a good one. If they agree, the team will bring the idea to reality. She believes that people need to chill and not take business too seriously. Worrying can cause many very deadly mistakes.

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