Bumble Focuses On Female Based Dating And Whitney Wolfe Changes The Culture

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When people hear about dating apps today the popular app that gets dropped in most conversations, easily, is Bumble. This not a coincidence in any way. This has become the app that is getting a great amount of recognition because it is geared towards a large crowd of people that are focused on a new concept in dating.

There are employees like Alex Williamson, Tessa Jacobs and Katherine Rainey that work in the Austin office with Whitney Wolfe. She is the girl that that became a woman that has now started to lead feminist movement, and her fans love her for this.

The thing that Whitney does not often get the proper credit for is her co-founding role at Tinder. Wolfe would have the last laugh as she settled for an unclosed amount that some say made her a millionaire.

She would also have access to the stocks that were part of the final settlement. So now Wolfe, ironically, has stock in the company that she competes against. This is something powerful because Whitney Wolfe has her own independent company, but she also has a claim in the stocks for the Match Group since it is the parent company for Tinder.

Right now Wolfe is in the perfect position because she is not part of the Match group. The Match Group is a huge company that has all of the popular dating apps under this umbrella. This is the parent company for Tinder, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish. This company even tried to buy Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. She declined. She wanted to stay on the outer perimeter of the dating app group of companies that were all under one roof.

What Wolfe realized was that there was going to be a level of independence with her own company that she could not get if she allowed the company to be purchased by Match. This is why she declined the offer, and so far it has been a good thing because it proves that a feminist app can survive in a world that is filled with male-dominated apps.

Whitney Wolfe has continued to push the innovation envelope and become a very important part of app environment for all those that wanted to say something that was different from what they were used to. The Bumble app is an original among a sea of subpar dating app clones.

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