Building a business empire while under scrutiny from all quarters, the story of Kate Hudson

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Everyone loves Kate Hudson, and the fact that she has been able to spread her wings and spread into entrepreneurship in addition to her immensely successful career as an actress makes her all the more a darling of the people. Kate Hudson company Fabletics is now three years old and brings in annual net profits in the tune of $250 million. Kate states that starting or getting the idea to start is the exciting part, but the process is not easy and it is no wonder that some people give up in the process.

At the summit for the most powerful women, she talked about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur on She was very excited about the fact that in just three years, her business had achieved the level of success that other businesses can only hope to achieve. She stated that when every entrepreneur is going into business, they sort of just cross their fingers and hope that everything will work in their favor.

The main challenge that she got with the company was that it got very popular and gained a religious following within no time. The people in charge of strategic planning on may have underestimated the growth potential and the company had to make many amends in order to catch up to the demands of the fast growing business. She was however confident and optimistic, stating that finally things were starting to move in the direction that they wanted to see them move.

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Another great challenge that Hudson says she has faced when dealing with Fabletics is that the fact that she is celebrity means that people will be more critical of her. One of the areas of the business model she feels that may have gotten her misunderstood by consumers was the issue of creating products that were all inclusive. She stated that the original plan was to have clothed in all sizes and to include everyone in the versatility of the products they were offering. She revealed that that is one of the areas they were still working on and hoped for success.

Fabletics is a shop that offers high quality work out clothes for both men and women. The online shop was set up by Kate Hudson and was supposed to meet the needs of people that like to do some exercise and look great while doing it. The available clothes in Fabletics include yoga pants, sports bras, gym and workout clothes and different types of signature outputs. It is a leading brand for elegant yet versatile clothing for men and women.

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