Ara Chackerian: The Rise of Healthcare Startups

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Ara Chackerian is a businessman based in San Francisco. He invested in a healthcare startup called the TMS Health Solutions, and as the founder of the company, he is grateful that more people are discovering the services they offer and they are paying to have their mental health checked. Ara Chackerian explained that the healthcare startup is relatively new, compared to other forms of startups. Venture capitalists often look for something to invest in, and for him, the rise of the healthcare startups is an excellent start for those who wanted to become successful investors. The demand for better and more efficient healthcare is on the rise in the United States, and if a company could offer a unique and effective way to treat diseases, they would instantly become a hit.



Years before he established the TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian is thinking about the best ways he can earn money through business startups. There are a lot of choices for him to make, but he gambled with healthcare startups because someone close to him gave him a tip that healthcare startups could become successful in the least amount of time. He was right in making a decision, and the TMS Health Solutions became in demand in just a few months. He is aware that one of the reasons why his business flourished is because he applied the principle to hire talented people to help him with his job and do some unique ways on how the product can be sold to the public. You can visit for more.




The primary services offered by the TMS Health Solutions are the transcranial magnetic stimulation, a new treatment method which uses electromagnetic signals to decrease the level of stress inside the brain. The treatment can also be used to eliminate depressive thoughts and other emotion that stresses out an individual. Once the public knew about the procedure, they immediately set up appointments with the TMS Health Solutions, hoping that they could be treated. Ara Chackerian stated that the healthcare startup industry is on the rise, and many investors should join the bandwagon while it is still early so that they could end up successful as well. You can visit their Facebook page.


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