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Located in San Francisco California, the Academy of Art University has been around since 1929. It initially started off as a school for advertising art. It has claimed that it is the most prominent art and design school that is still privately owned in the United States.

The school offers nearly 25 different subjects to specialize in for graduation. They offer associate’s, bachelor’s and some master’s programs. They even provide some of the classes or programs online.

The university has a highly valuable automobile collection for their auto museum. They also have an active sports leagues that belong in the NCAA. The school is involved in education, support for community, sponsorship and being a leader in the art industry.

As such, the university took part in the School of Fashion in July of 2018. With the lead moderator asking essential questions for designers how their fashion can affect people with disabilities. It is not thought about by everyone who does not have a disability to realize that certain clothes and styles can have a negative impact on someone.

The question asked about designing clothing for the whole of society so that everyone can be included or just a few select? The idea was for more designers to get behind of not only targeting a few individuals but all people. The fashion panel wanted to challenge the students to think outside the box and think about someone else who may be in a wheelchair or has to use a cane where both arms cannot be hindered.

The fashion industry has a long way to go with bringing diversity into their models, designers, target consumers and the like. Small steps, so that the students can open their minds of other people’s day to day challenges, can have a significant influence on the future of fashion and clothing. The Academy of Art University started asking questions that can have a powerful momentum for others.

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