Whitney Wolfe Gives Women The Dating App Experience She Longer For

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The verdict is in, and a large majority of the singles that are using dating apps have confirmed one thing: Bumble was a breath of fresh air for the dating app industry.

This is something that Whitney Wolfe created, and she has been very passionate in leading singles to a new way to experience dating.

Whitney Wolfe has given a lot of people something new. The Bumble app is easy to use because it allows people to add about 6 pictures of themselves and present a small amount information about themselves. This immediately puts them into swapping mode. They have the ability to swipe away the messages from people that they are not interested in, and they never have to worry about seeing messages from these people again. This is something that was already available with an app that she helped create called Tinder. The real kicker, however, is that this app is designed for women to be in charge.

That is something that women have been waiting for for a long time, and the young entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe has answered the call. She has decided to do something that many people may not have considered before. Women have always wondered why they would have been in the place where they would not be able to make the first move. This is what Whitney Wolfe has mentioned in interviews where she talks about the creation of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe always wondered why she had to be the one that would have to wait for someone to message her. She wanted to have to control to be the one to make the first move as early as her college days. Now she has created a dating app that allows her to give women that same opportunity that she wished for during college.

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