Wengie Tries Exfoliating 6 Ways

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YouTube beauty blogger Wengie tests six different exfoliating products in this video. She begins the video by emphasizing the importance of exfoliating to achieve beautiful skin.

The first method Wengie describes is a manual scrub. Products like sugar scrubs and washes containing microbeads fall into this category. She explains that this type of product should be used after you cleanse you face up to three times a week.

Next, she talks about chemical exfoliants. She notes that these often come in a variety of formulas based on skin type, including those for sensitive skin, oily skin, and dry skin and in different strengths. These products use gentle acids to melt away dead skin and dirt build-up. Wengie warns that these products are just gentler versions of spa chemical peels and that your skin may feel irritated when you first start using them. She suggests using this product as many as seven times a week after toner but about half an hour before applying moisturizer.

She suggests these products as a compromise for people with sensitive skin who like the deep peeling feeling of manual scrubs. She notes that you can use these after cleansing up to three times per week.

After that, Wengie describes peeling gels. You apply these gels to your face, let them dry, then peel them off along with all the dirt that was in your pores. She suggests using these after cleansing but before moisturizing 1-3 times a week.

The fifth method she talks about is using a face towel. The texture of the terrycloth towel scrubs dead skin out of pores gently enough for everyday use. She notes that using a clean towel for each wash is important to avoid putting dirt back onto your face.

The last method she discusses is Konjac sponges, which are made from vegetables. She suggests using one every day to gently clear pores without removing too many natural oils.


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