The Future Of Freight: Gregory James Aziz

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If you’re not immediately into business or economics, then often times the big names we heard who have paved the way for their companies are the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates – but there are other business moguls who are much lesser known but just as important. Some raining industries that have been around much longer than tech companies or tech in general.


A good example of this industry is railroads and trains. The first railroad ever built was in the year 1869, that’s nearly 150 years ago! The fact that there is an industry that is incredibly prevalent in today’s society that was built so long ago with the way society has developed and progressed, is incredible!


One of these companies that dominates the railroad industry is called National Steel Cars. What National Steel Cars does for the industry is develop, engineer and manufacture the cars that carry products back and forth, via train. It may seem like those cars are just a part of the train, but in fact, they are built from their own separate companies. Shipping and transporting goods involves more and more companies than even imagined.

National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., was founded over one hundred years ago in 1912 and survived until the 90’s when it was taken over by George James Aziz, who brought the company from good standards, to excellent standards. With the expanse of the engineering team and much investment, the company has grown to thrive and now employed almost 3,000 people only 5 years after Aziz took over. The company goes above and beyond in customer satisfaction and doesn’t want to maintain their status of brilliance – they wish to keep moving forward and continually evolve as the world does.

Perhaps this is the secret for a company to survive for hundreds of years! An excellent note from a great business leader, Gregory Aziz.


Aziz was born and raised in London, Ontario only to later implement is economical genius at the University of Western Ontario, majoring in Economics. He used his skills to help improve his family company, Affiliated Food, and learned much more in the process. Once he felt it was time to move on, Gregory Aziz then went to New York and became head of National Steel Car in 1994. Click Here for more information.

With a history of success behind him, it’s exciting to see what this company and industry holds for the future!


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  1. Right in the sight of most interested parties, Aziz has worked and earned the dedication and support his team has. For now, with the rating it has made the desired impact and more so there has been even more publicity. Also being someone that multi tasks, it has helped him to be even more renowned than other industrialists.

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