Sussex Health Care Appoints New CEO

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For more than twenty five years, Sussex Health Care has been providing health care services for the elderly, people with dementia and neurological problems, and those who have profound multiple learning disabilities. It is a group of care homes that offer a home like setting for all it’s patients. The health care services not only take care of the medical, but the social and physical aspects of the patients life.

Sussex Health Care is comprised of twenty homes in the Sussex, Middlesex, and surrounding areas. Each home has a complete staff that includes medical professionals, trained care providers, kitchen staff, and housekeeping crew.

Sussex Health Care has accreditation from the Health Quality Service in 2002 and 2003. The group has received Investor in People Standard, and also International Standard ISO. This allowed them to become the only health care service to attain dual standards in the United Kingdom. The health care service believes that a person’s overall health consists of leisure, recreational, and social activities, as well as comfortable, home like environment. Sussex Health Care has recently announced the appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan Taylor. She has more than thirty years of experience in the independent and public sectors of health and social care.


Amanda Morgan Taylor has been in the leadership role with Sussex Health Care since January, and is thoroughly familiarizing herself with every aspect of the centers.Amanda was originally a Mental Health Nurse in 1984. Her career has since advanced to senior leadership roles. She has served as manger, and held Directorships with other companies. She is a highly respected, and qualified person for this position. She has a very strong understanding of the relationship between council and provider. She has the knowledge and expertise to help organizations with any operational challenges, and the building of confidence.

Sussex Health Care is proud of it’s decision to appoint Amanda Morgan Taylor to it’s highest position. They feel that this is further evidence of their commitment to quality care in the patients in their care. They also want to continue the work in the communities in which they are associated. They not only service their patients, they also give back to the many communities where the homes are located. Sussex Health Care is focused on providing the highest quality care to their residents by the most qualified team of professionals, and a superb management team.

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  1. Over the years Sussex health care has grown to be the number place where elders receive care and attention. This is no surprising as Sussex has put a lot of things together to make sure every home is safe and sound in health. The owner of Relationship Starters Blog is an admirer of Sussex health care after he read an article of how the hospital cured a patient with dementia. Sussex has the culture of giving back to the community also, this has made them loved more by the resident of Sussex.

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