Securus Technologies The Key to the War on Drugs

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When we have an issue with drugs inside the prison, me and my fellow corrections officers are at the ready to take on the problem with every resource available. This month, my team was called to the office of our superior to work on getting the flow of drugs stopped before someone was seriously hurt. The incidents of drug use in our jail have tripled in recent weeks, so we had to dedicate everything we had at our disposal to get things under control immediately.


When Securus Technologies installed our inmate telephone call monitoring system in our facility, we had no idea how this would differ from the system we were used to using. Once the staff at Securus Technologies trained us on the LBS software, we began to see the difference easily. The company is based out of Dallas, and they are dedicated to the objective of making our world a little safer. The CEO, Richard Smith, says this call monitoring system is installed in thousands of prisons, helping to make those facilities safer too.


Once we were able to better understand exactly how the system worked, we couldn’t wait to get working. One of the amazing things is while the system is working to monitor calls, it allows my team to be in other placing trying to stop the flow of drugs. The same day that the system was installed, we began to get alerts inmates were in fact talking about drugs in the jail. We heard one inmate telling his family how he is able to do drugs in his cell after dark. Another inmate discussed with his mother how she could easily bring him her prescription drugs to the visitor center easily. Each time, we immediately put a stop to the issue and take back control of the jail.


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  1. One serious problem that possess danger in the corrections facility is the use of contraband drugs. These addicted drug smokers just keep abusing them in the prison while circulating same to other inmates. No doubt check over here sees this as a big concern hence, an order to stop the inflow of drug to the prison was given. With all effort, achievement was not successful but then things turned great after Securus installed their inmate communication system. Now, the prison is much safer.

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