Rodrigo Terpins’ Blazing Career in Race Car Driving and His Drive To Push Despite Failure

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There are some passions in life that seem to transmute the entire perspective of a person. These passions are so transformative that they might end up risking the life of the person who has the desires. One of these people whose interests turn out to be risking his life is Rodrigo Terpins, the adroit Brazilian race car driver who has built a reputation in pushing against the limits of race car driving in ways that no other driver can do.

The 22nd Edition Sertoes Rally Race

We all understand the dangers of motorbike racing. It may be fun and an exciting thrill to win the race, but without the right training and understanding, it could end up life-threatening. Despite this, Rodrigo Terpins still went with his brother to join a 2,600 km-long rally that was claimed to be the largest off-road race rally in entire Brazil. It was made extra special for the fact that it was the 22nd Edition and Rodrigo Terpins joined with his brother Michel Terpins to ace the game.

Truly, the race car industry is specious in its ability to make others feel like it’s an easy sport. Its deception comes from the fact that watching the game renders excitement to the spectators and all the more exciting for those who win the game, unless the racer loses.

In the case of Rodrigo Terpins, this isn’t the case. He was still confident that he only ranked 8th after the race and he was still proud of what he’s able to achieve precisely because of how much adversities they had to go through just to be able to get through the game. The few competitors that went through the race were also a big challenge to the brothers, and there must be at least an honor in being able to go through such competition. Check out his Vimeo account for more videos.

The Fun Test

It’s accurate to say that Terpins sees this entire race as a motivation for him to still go through his dream and reach eventually the goals that he sets as a racer. With the right practice, he believes that he can eventually reach it. For now, he sees the not-so-stellar victory as a fun test and indicator of where his skills are right now as a racer. You can visit his website

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