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The entry of UnitedHealth chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz gives rise to opportunities for the TalkSpace app created by Oren Frank. The TalkSpace app gives its customers therapy through video chat. It has a weekly service fee for chatting with a therapist and a one for a medical health professional. After over five years of operation, the app has been visited by one million users. The arrival of Leibowitz introduces being able to prescribe medications to the users of the app. However, this is restricted to services done through video chat in accordance with state and federal rules. Mental health is becoming a more prominent issue as recent studies show a rise in depression and anxiety in society’s older population. The goal of Talkspace was to make getting help more easily accessible to anyone without the means to see an actual therapist. This idea attracted Leibowitz to the company after getting to know the employees and services a bit better. View Oren Frank‚Äôs profile at linkedin.

Oren Frank’s Twitter profile reveals just how serious TalkSpace is about addressing today’s mental health topics. One retweet “Action is the antidote for helplessness,” emphasizes the need to know who your candidates are in elections and what they represent. For example, some may stand for making help for mental issues easier to access whereas some may not even deem mental health as an actual issue. Another retweet highlights the younger generation as well, focusing on issues among teenagers, such as stress, cyberbullying, and loneliness. This one discusses how because it involves the younger generation, this topic is usually underrepresented and deemed not as significant, which is something TalkSpace hopes to change through its services. Video chat also offers a sort of protective barrier for teenagers, as well as many adults who are not as comfortable to express themselves in person.

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