Omar Boraie Bequeaths $1.5 Million Towards Cancer Research

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The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was founded to assist research at the Rutgers Cancer Institute, New Jersey. Endowed chairs are regarded as the crème de la crème of education, and display higher learning institutions’ commitment towards upholding high-quality education. The Omar Boraie chair is christened after a New Brunswick-based investor, who donated $1.5 million towards the campaign. The chair is the latest entrant to the “18 chair challenge” an initiative by Rutgers Cancer Institute aimed at raising funds for research, reports The process involves an unspecified party donating $1.5 million for one of the chairs, triggering a $3 million grant.

Genomic science and precision medicine are redefining experts’ approach to cancer analysis and management. This new therapy focuses on tumors from a genetic perspective, enabling oncologists to recommend personalized medicine, providing more favorable results. During the inauguration of the National Precision Medicine Initiative, President Obama reiterated the importance of this discovery in the search for a remedy to cancerous tumors and other conditions.

Rutgers Cancer Institute debuted this therapy and is still the only establishment that implements gene sequencing and precision medicine in patient treatment. Genetic sequencing has proven useful in patients with rare cancers and those whose medication has been fruitless. The advancement of precision medicine has made it possible to categorize cancers into genetic groups. This, in turn, has led to the development of gene-specific therapies, which translate to better client satisfaction.

When making his donation, Omar Boraie noted that scientists at Rutgers are restoring hope to patients whose treatments were futile with their research. He added that he was positive that his kind gesture would inspire others to donate towards the campaign. Additionally, he expressed hope that in the future, the experts would be able to extend their magnificent work to all cancer patients.

In response to the grant by Omar, Robert S. Dipaola the Director of Rutgers Institute, expressed his gratitude for the donation. He stated on the NY Times that Omar has for a long time contributed to the dream of making New Brunswick a health care oriented city. Moreover, he said that the donation towards genomic science would help in the fight against cancer in New Brunswick and the world as a whole.

Chief researcher at the Rutgers Institute, Shridar Ganesan, was granted the honor of being named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. In his acceptance speech, Ganesan noted that in his studies, he has learned that tumors from different body parts have different genetic structure. He then outlined the benefits of genomic science over conventional methods of cancer diagnosis. He concluded by saying that the donation would enable the research to reach new places, restoring hope in cancer patients.

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