Lovangaza Foundation Plans to Achieve its Milestones by 2035

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The founders of Lovaganza are Genevieve Gagnon and J.F Gagnon have a made plans to start the mother of all foundations. The main aim of the foundation is to offer all humans in the world quality life. This dream will be achieved by empowering, uniting and inspiring different foundations and companies in the globe to embrace the same agenda. Lovaganza foundation has one main objective: they want to ensure that every child in the world gets quality life by 2035.

The Lovaganza foundation is a non-profit making organization. The organization is funded by some of the profit making projects from the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. These are different productions that simultaneously provoke international impact and the same time generates money to finance the organization. The programs, research for documentaries and campaigns carried out by the Lovaganza foundation require a lot of funds, and most of it will be coming from the entertainment franchise. Most of the events will be international, and they will offer the foundation opportunities.

In order to achieve their first milestone, Lovaganza has proposed several goals. These goals are expected to change and evolve as the foundation progresses. The first goal is to ensure that the children have good access to clean and safe drinking water. The second goal is to make sure that there is sufficient food for the children. The organization also wants the children to have a good place to sleep and adequate clothing.

Healthcare is crucial for the children. Lastly, the foundation will also ensure that the children in the world are completely in a safe environment. This will involve avoiding children participation in war, child marriages and child labor.

In future, Lovaganza is planning to start different headquarters in all the continents. These will be known as Lovaganza centers, and they will research and study the challenges faced by the children in different nations in the world. Once they have realized where they are in their goals, it will be easy to propose a good and clear vision.

Different foundations in the world are expected to start their research in various nations in the world about the quality of life for children this year. The results from these foundations will then be used in documentaries to come up with solutions.

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