Logan Stout; Former Pro Athlete, Author, And CEO Of IDLife

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Logan Stout is a former professional baseball player who later explored new opportunities and is currently the founder and CEO of IDLife. He is a well established entrepreneur and a man of integrity. Stout is known to be all about the idea of helping others and building character. He is intrigued by many subjects and has generated billions of dollars in revenue from his many endeavors.

A prime example which proves the kind heart of Stout is the fact that he founded an organization based solely on mentoring and leading young people called the Dallas Patriots. This baseball organization is centered around training youth to be better athletes, as well as better people in society. The goal Logan Stout had in mind was to change younger minds for the better, and make a positive difference. His dedication to helping others just goes to prove the fact that he cares about building others up- not breaking them down.

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This entrepreneur also has two sons with his wife Haley and they reside in the city of Frisco, Texas. He often is found to make many appearances in local television programs, radio stations, magazines, and other platforms with large audiences. He is a huge inspiration to many and was even named “Man of the Year” by Philadelphia Life Magazine.

Because of his athletic past, Stout has always been a fan of nutrition and health, so it makes sense that he would start up a business like IDLife. With his great education on the subject of health and whatnot, it is no surprise that customers are constantly coming to his products. The guy really knows what he’s talking about.

Logan is also constantly coming up with ideas to keep him going. In an interview, Stout stated that “Brainstorming is one of my favorite things to do.” With the constant inflow of ideas, there is no question as to why Logan Stout is so successful. He constantly feeds his mind with ideas and he claims to firmly believe in the statement “thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits lead to results.”

Learn more about Logan Stout: https://technewsspy.com/2017/07/27/logan-stout-announces-idlifes-partnership-with-garmin/

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