Life Principles That Every Business Leader Should Abide By, According To Vijay Eswaran

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According to Vijay Eswaran, every leader or successful businessperson has a code of principles that they have to live with. And in most instances, such principles don’t have to be broadcasted on a podium. They reflect on how these leaders interact with their equal and subordinates alike. Such interactions and manifestations of these principles then determine how long one can maintain their leadership post or continue to attract success. This is one of the successful entrepreneur’s keynote messages passed on during his motivational lectures and through books.

The multi-industry investor and world-renown philanthropist even go on to list some principles and life philosophies that he abides with to date. Vijay notes that he draws these from research on the lives of some of the most iconic world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. Vijay is also persistent of the heights following in the footsteps of these leaders has driven him and hopes every other leader could follow suit. These principles and life philosophies include:

Servant leadership

Vijay Eswaran is constantly getting invites as a keynote speaker or motivational speaker for different institutions. During these tours, the entrepreneur always calls on to his audience to practice servant leadership in all endeavors. He draws examples from some leading world leaders like Mother Teresa and their commitment to service above self. The business leader is also quick to add that true leadership stems from the understanding of how to serve.

Continued self-reflection

A leader must also be self-reflecting. Once in a while, a leader is allowed to sink deep in thought, soul search within them and initiate positive changes targeted at self-correction. Such reflection may be prompted by reactions and comments by those closest to them or self. When it comes to change, leaders should remain positive and welcoming to other people’s ideas as opposed to adopting dictatorial tendencies.

Overcoming personal fears

Through his books and seminars, Vijay Eswaran also reckons that a leader must also be ready to face their own fears and overcome them. He particularly draws this inspiration from Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote that one should strive to “do one thing every day that scares you.” He goes on to describe he has used this principle time and again to overcome most of his fears and always emerged stronger.

More about Eswaran

Vijay is an economist by profession, the founder and current CEO of QI Group. His company has interests in different industries including real estate, direct marketing, and hospitality. He is also an author with several best-sellers under his belt. The entrepreneur has also featured on Forbes top 50 philanthropists list in Asia.

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