Jacob Gottlieb Want to Start Over with the Same Zeal and Determination

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Jacob Gottlieb was the founder of Visium Asset Management Company that went on to manage funds worth more than $8 billion. Visium Asset Management Company’s main focus was healthcare, and the fund that was managed by Jacob Gottlieb became highly successful under his leadership. However, due to some of the portfolio managers in the company who engaged in malpractices, Securities and Exchange Commission deregistered the company. The years of hard work and effort he put into building such a successful company was crushed, but it didn’t let Jacob Gottlieb part ways from the investment industry. He wanted to make a comeback, and recently he decided to enter the industry again.

Jacob Gottlieb in a recent interview mentioned that he is currently managing the family assets under the firm name Altium Capital. Many of the industry experts are saying that Jacob Gottlieb is now planning to come back to the investment industry because he has now completed the process of liquidating the assets of Visium Asset Management Company. Jacob Gottlieb has years of experience in the investment industry and managing the hedge funds and has been highly successful in it. Jacob Gottlieb says that even though he has nothing much in planning now, one should never say no to an opportunity if it pops up.

Jacob Gottlieb had years of experience in the financial industry and wanted to put it to good use. Now that he has another chance to start over, he does not want to waste it. He has already planned everything beforehand and aims to reach his goals with more zeal. He is one person who does not let any problem pull him down, and he rises above it all. It is his determination that has allowed him to get support not just from his family and friends, but also his peers and his past clients.

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