How Gareth Henry is Making Angelo Gordon and Company Stronger

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Gareth Henry, having worked for some big names in finance, is now working with Angelo, Gordon, another New York-based alternative investment firm. This time around, he will be a Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations. Having worked in the same position for Fortress Investment Group, he was working with their liguid markets. Not only will he now be a managing director, but he will also report directly to the President of the firm, and he is now partner to the firm as well.

Angelo, Gordon is grateful for Gareth Henry joining their team with his vast knowledge and extensive background in various aspects of investing. Since he started his career after graduating from college, he has been able to develop deep and meaningful relationships with investors on a global scale. This has also allowed him to meet the needs of his clients. Now that he has joined a new firm, this firm will have the opportunity to experience first-hand what the most seasoned investors should know. The goal of the firm’s leaders is to strengthen their relationships and their portfolio.

Gareth Henry made a public statement about his excitement to work with this firm, and he was excited to work within different areas of global investing as well. He also believes that this firm is home to some of the most seasoned investors in the world.

Although he joined this firm after leaving Fortress Investment Group, he was grateful to have experienced such a great journey during the course of his career. Gareth Henry attributes his preparedness because of his time spent working with Fortress prior to accepting his position with Angelo, Gordon. No doubt that he has acquired the greatest experience possible, and it will be interesting to see what career choice he makes next, should he leave his position with this new firm.

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