Health Status Improved by Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a popular medical journal that primarily publishes reports on different aspects of oncology. The journal company was established in 2010, and Impact Journals publish their reports and are edited by two talented media personalities, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. Recently Oncotarget extended its series of podcasts which will permit scientists to research deeper into various topics which would be published in Oncotarget.

Subscribers to the new podcast series that was launched will receive significant access to the journal’s substantial topics detailed in interviews, papers, and readings from the company’s blog. The new podcast will not only focus on oncology but will extend its publications to microbiology, immunology, pathology, cardiology, pharmacology, aging, metabolism, endocrinology, chromosome, neuroscience and cell biology among others. (

Moreover, Oncotarget recently assured its subscribers that it would be publishing two issues weekly in PubMed and other significant scientific research indexes and archives. Oncotarget cooperates with substantial scientific indexes and archives to ensure the scientific results are received by many people and are vastly available to practitioners, the society, and medical field researchers. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Publishing two issues in a week will accelerate indexing processes. After the company has assigned issue and page numbers, they are permanently featured in PubMed. The publications have reached volume 8 with the recent ones being issues 31-34 and 35-36. Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed journal and has published seven volumes with 324 issues since 2010 and is currently in its eighth volume.

Oncotarget’s papers are given a direct object identifier, and also they apply the qualifications set by Committee on Publication Ethics to all its published readings. The Office of External & Legal Affairs of Oncotarget stated that Oncotarget believes that it is necessary to meet the challenges faced in the 21st century and thus the company set a mission to become a leading journal of biomedical research. Learn more at

Oncotarget publishes papers to make scientific results accessible to many people. With many prominent scientists on board, Oncotarget works to educate people on various science topics which will help people lead a life without diseases. Moreover, Oncotarget is an award-winning, for example, Gregg L. Semenza and William G. Kaelin, Oncotarget’s staff members, won the Lasker Award after developing an oxygen sensing pathway.


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