Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker’s Infinity Group Australia Awarded By Australia Financial Review

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It was jubilation for Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the founders of Infinity Group Australia to during the release of Seventh Edition of Australia Financial Review’s List of 1000 Most Innovative Companies.




Of the thousands of companies that were nominated for the awards, Infinity Group Australia scooped position 58. The award comes just 5 years after Graeme and Rebecca started the financial investment company.




According to AFR, a financial journal that is widely circulated across Australia and neighboring New Zealand, and read by more than 1.8 million people, IGA deserves the award (Infinity Group Australia reviews).




Inventium, a local consultancy firm along with several financial experts were tasked to receive submissions from companies that were interested in the awards.




More than 1000 companies showed their interest by sending their submissions. The experts were mandated to receive, review, compile, and judge the right companies for the awards.




Among the things, Inventium and the industry experts were interested in are the company’s resources. This is an important factor since a financial institution primary job is to help people have financial security.




The other factors that were of importance included the company’s problem-solving strategy, innovation culture, the uniqueness and quality of the solution and how the entire process is handled. There was also the issue of whether the solution is viable and its impact on the general public.




In the end, it emerged that Graeme’s Infinity Group Australia beat many companies to reach position 58 on the 1000 Most Innovative Companies List. The award was formerly known as BRW Most Innovative Company.




On July 30, 2018, the award day, Graeme Holm was happy when he received the honor. “We’re thrilled to have been invited and finally listed in the 2018 Most Innovative Companies List. We give thanks to Australian Financial Review, Inventium, and the industry experts that were involved in this genuine yet rigorous selection process,” Holm said.




Graeme did not hesitate to thank his team when he said, “Congratulations to the team back home. You do things differently by ensuring our clients get the best financial security in these difficult days. This award is a motivation to us.”




Graeme Holm is a former indoor soccer representative in Australia. After representing his country in that position for some time, he decided to change his career. He entered the financial industry by starting to work as a clerk in a bank. He spent 17 years working for several financial institutions before starting his company in the eve of 2013. Learn more:


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