George Soros Sees New Opportunities For Philanthropy

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George Soros is a philanthropist with an eye on the entire world. He’s spent much of his life giving money and support to causes around the world he believes in. His efforts have created some of the most powerful movements and allowed people to uplift themselves using democracy and capitalism. Recently, he’s seen attacks on his philanthropy surface as those on the right seek to discredit his efforts and us him for political presents. The attacks use old and common antisemitic tropes, but they are still far too effective and their usage is an extremely low point for the right wing media.

Those who attack George Soros’ philanthropy generally accuse him of trying to undermine America or their country by globalization. Typically, they’ll claim he wants to use immigration or some other issue as his means of bring socialism into a country and eventually destroy the country. Glenn Beck has made claims of this nature and so have quite a few others on the right. These accusations show little understanding of who Soros actually is. He has clearly shown himself to be anything but a socialist and he has fought for much of what the right claims to believe in. It makes it painfully obvious they are ill informed or careless about the truth regarding his philanthropy.

The philanthropy of Soros is going to be kicked into high gear with his recent $18 billion dollar donation to the Open Society Foundation. He believes there is no time of greater need for his help than today with the recent rise of Donald Trump and others who seek to undermine what progress is doing in America. In order to combat this he wants to work with political donors and politicians who can help him change things. He wants to help Democrats do everything they can to get back into power. Soros has a long history of being a powerful in favor of some of the most famous progressive movements. He played a big role in helping South African students fight Apartheid and he also helped many eastern European movements for democracy. This efforts show his true abilities and where he shines the most.

There are plenty of people who need to believe in a bogeyman and want to make Soros into that figure. The right functions through its battles with antagonists and when there aren’t any around someone needs to create one. The ideas about George Soros are needed to give legitimacy to much of what the right currently says about the world. If there is no evil cabal out there trying to control the world and Soros is simply a philanthropist trying to improve things, their values fall down. This will ultimately backfire on them as the need for philanthropy is intensified. Our world was built by people like him using their influence and wealth to improve conditions for everyone. It stands that it will only be natural for this trend to continue into our modern day where we see global crises around us.

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