Fortress Investment Group And Its Latest Development In The Field Of Direct Lending

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The investment management company Fortress Investment Group has been in the global business of handling various alternative assets in liquid hedge funds and credit funds. They’ve been in the industry so long already that it has already built a reputation of stability and robustness that is rare among private equity firms based in New York.

You probably already heard about Fortress Investment Group’s recent involvement with Softbank. The latter is already making Fortress a part of its operations, but still divesting Fortress with an independent reputation to continue its impressive work. However, the latest news probably you haven’t heard about the Softbank-owned Fortress Investment Group is the $2B funding the company seeks for its direct lending fund ventures.

On the May 22, 2018 report from Melissa Mittelman at Deal Street Asia, it was revealed that according to anonymous sources, Fortress is already aiming to gain a $2 billion investment for its first-ever project dedicated to answering the needs and demands of direct lending. You can also see Fortress Investment Group doing its best to attract about $5 billion investments for its fifth flagship credit programs that give various clients the opportunities to loan capital.

Fortress Investment Group is confident that it can hit its target goals with such initiative to attract capital for its programs. With their newly promoted leaders such as Josh Pack and Drew McKnight to manage the companies’ partners in the credit department, the firm can make sure that they can hit their investment goals to expand the company’s reach in the market.

The market right now is also full of restrictions that hinder people’s lending opportunities. This is the reason that those investors who are hungry to grow their assets see the possibilities at Fortress Investment as a great alternative to deploy cash and capital.

The Winter Olympics

One of the other strengths right now of Fortress Investment is the fact that in 2010, Fortress was able to be the primary lender for the Millenium Development Group and was the main entity responsible for the construction of the $875 million (CAD) athlete’s village to be used for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. There were challenges in the process of the lending, but consequently, Fortress was successful in being able to push through such investment, and is now the owner of the Olympic Village.

The Key People

It would be hard to imagine the success that Fortress Investment has enjoyed over the years without the diligent work of the key people behind the strategies of the firm. Some of the key people in the firm include Randal A.Nardone, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder and Principal of Fortress Investment. Wesley R. Edens is also the Co-founder and principal, while Peter L.Briger is the company’s principal. The Board of Directors includes Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, David Barry, Douglas Jacobs and Michael Rantz. All of these people work their best not just to keep the operations of Fortress smooth and productive, but also ensure that Fortress doesn’t incur hidden risks that accumulate and threaten the existence of the firm itself.

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