Feminists are Editing Wikipedia for Gender Equality

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An institution that is run by volunteers under the name of The Interference Archives is run with the purpose of dealing with social movements. The vendors have decided to edit a few articles under the theme of art and feminism. Their aim was to deal with the gender gap that has been put forth by Wikipedia by adding more coverage on women when it comes to the arts. One interesting thing to note is that most of the editors are male. One thing that causes issues with the editing on Wikipedia is that the interface is very heavy with codes. 

Wikipedia editing is one complex issue to deal with. For this reason, hiring Wiki experts from a trusted Wikipedia editing service is chosen by many professionals. Clients can seek out Wiki writers for hire in order to help create and update Wikipedia pages. This could be of great help to people who might want to have their pages edited so that there could be a better representation of genders. One thing to realize is that Wikipedia pages are high maintenance, but the benefits are worth the investment.

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