Eric Lefkofsky Prepares For Big 2018 With Start Up, Tempus.

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In 2015 the data-driven company Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Lefkofsky helped to create Tempus because he saw the viability of a big-data solution to the world of patient care in relation to cancer care. Tempus is seeking to become one of the big industry changers thanks to Lefkofsky’s leading hand on the wheel. Tempus has been picking up steam over the past three years and the tech start-up is once again in the news, this time for bringing on another advantageous round of investing from several top tier firms in Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky has become something of the face for big-data research and he saw how the field could improve cancer care in relation to medical facilities, medical professionals and the patients that are being treated. After seeing the world of cancer care up close, through a personal relationship, Lefkofsky knew that there was major room for improvement. The kind of improvement that Lefkofsky would go on to imagine would be centered around having data ported into a database and made available to professionals in healthcare industry.

Lefkofsky would begin to immediately build up Tempus in a meaningful way and his enthusiasm would pay off almost from the beginning. Tempus has managed to raise over $210 million in private investments and their most recent valuation lofted Tempus past the $1 billion dollar mark. This valuation puts Tempus squarely into a category of business success that few other Chicago-based startups have ever managed to make, Unicorn Status.

Fundraising enthusiasm has led to a constant expansion for Tempus. The company currently has almost 400 employees on their roster and the team is on pace to add nearly 30 employees per month from now on toward the indefinite future. Lefkofsky believes the pace will continue for quite awhile.

For those not in the know, Tempus seeks to become a digital overlay for medical systems currently in operation. With Tempus installed into a system, medical professionals will be able to upload and access cancer care related information. Being able to look at all of this data, according to Lefkofsky, will help researchers find trends.

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