Enterprise Communication Software Saved Our Company

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Our business was one of the biggest successes any of us had ever seen, but we were drowning in the demands that were placed on us by clients and customers. We were in need of a communications solution that made all our staff efficient, but we were not able to create the solution alone. We turned to enterprise communications, and we learned about the basic system Eric Pulier created long ago. This is a review of how we changed our operations using Eric’s forward-thinking technology.

#1: Enterprise Connects All Our Devices

We had a dream to connect cell phones to computers and email accounts, and I personally saw the effects of this once we installed new enterprise software. We have our corporate email accounts attached to every device, and we may monitor phone records from our offices using the software. I first learned of enterprise software from my father who was a contemporary of Eric Pulier during the Y2K transition.

#2: Eric Created A Better Y2K Transition Plan

Eric was involved in the committee that prepared America for Y2K during Bill Clinton’s presidency. He was invited to the committee given his innovation with technology for the disabled, and he was working on enterprise software that is still used today. His input was used to help keep America safe, and government agencies began to adopt the software he created. It was quite helpful to see an example of the software in action.

#3: How Does Eric Continue To Stay Involved?

Eric has remained involved in the technology community by participating in the X Prize and non-profits that promote innovation. He has chosen to ensure that innovation will continue in his industry, and he works quite hard with new entrepreneurs who are learning to apply their technology to the world at-large.

I have been personally-impacted by the work Eric has done, and we credit him for saving our business. Communications have become quite simple since we began using enterprise communications, and it is far simpler for our clients to send us orders given a renewed connection between our phones and computers.

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