Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Scheduled To Attend High-End Cosmetic Conferences In 2018

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Rod Rohrich is a medical professional in the cosmetic industry. Today, he has earned quite a bit of fame for his expertise in plastic surgery and the high-quality results he has provided to patients from around the world. In early 2018, Rod will be attending major cosmetic industry conferences that feature various industry experts and discussions on the latest advancements in cosmetics. As a recognized leader in the industry, Rod Rohrich is widely sought after for his services as well as his advice. Rod earned his degree from Baylor University College of Medicine and he also practiced at the Michigan Medical Center.

Dr. Rod Rohrich will be attending the first conference from February 8th to the 10th set to take place in Miami, Florida at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. During the conference, Rod will serve as a moderator for the panel as well as a participant. During his time lecturing, Rod will present the areas in cosmetic surgery relating to body contouring, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, and more. The symposium will also feature a live surgery segment with Rod performing a Rhinoplasty procedure.

The second meeting is set to take place from February 28th to March 1st and is known as the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. During this event, Rod will be acting as the chairmen and coordinator on top of his previous spots as panel moderator and participant. This conference will feature industry experts and cover cosmetic topics ranging from vaginal rejuvenation, sweating treatments, vascular treatments, tissue tightening, and even noninvasive cosmetic medicine. During this conference, Dr. Rod Rohrich will be performing facelift during the video demonstration segment.

The final conference on Rod’s list to attend is the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting which is starting the very next day after the second conference. Again, Rod will be chairmen and coordinator for this conference and provide an overview for attendees. Rod will join the panel again this round as a lecturer and moderator. This meeting will feature experts in Rhinoplasty from around the world to discuss current industry issues as well as the latest methods. About Rod Rohrich

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