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Jeffry Schneider – Finding Success Through Alternate Investments

Jeffry Schneider is an incredibly profound and successful business investors. Ascendant Capital LLC, founded by Schneider has become an influential alternative investment companies in the United States. Jeffry Schneider’s success within the company has helped it to raise over one billion dollar and thus has proven the company’s worth as an extremely successful investment firm.

Education and Path to Success

Schneider’s academic background consist of Bachelors of Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His time there would set the stage for his success with Ascendant Capital LLC. Schneider’s success at Ascendant, albeit extremely remunerative, came only after he had worked with such companies as Axiom Capital Management and Merrill Lynch. It is at these companies that Schneider would build a strong portfolio of success that he could then further apply in leading Ascendant as a highly profitable investment firm.

A Charitable Investment in the Future

Because of all of his success, Jeffry Schneider has also been able to focus his attention towards helping out charities. His philanthropic work with organizations such as the Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries, has allowed Schneider to take his success and posit it towards helping others. His work with charity has been inspired from his ideology of helping the fellow man and continues to be a shining example of how gracious a businessman Jeffry Schneider is. Through helping these charities Schneider has been able to set an example to investors and entrepreneurs looking forward to becoming successful. To Schneider, giving back is just as important as the earning process.

Ascendant Capital’s Future in Success

Ascendant Capital LLC continues to be Jeffry Schneider’s greatest success. One of Schneider’s biggest successes, the organization, founded by Schneider, is projected to earn over $50 million per month dwarfing other alternative investment firms across the nation. Through his success within the field of alternative investments, Schneider has built an impressive resume that easily sets him apart from other investors within the market. His skills have carved out a large portion of the alternative investment market niche for himself, and he continues to utilize his education and experience to further his company.

Dick DeVos Pioneer of West Michigan Aviation Academy

Although there is constant peril with airlines and the aviation industry, the demand for well-qualified aviators is still high. And an avid aviator and educator, Dick DeVos had this essentially in mind when he established the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.

WMAA charter school resides in Grand Rapids at the Gerald R.Ford Airport and does not require high-school students to pay any tuition. The West Michigan Aviation Academy not only focuses on providing students with skills in aviation, but it also employs the teaching of other educational subjects such as math, technology, science, and engineering.

Learning the full extent of all things aviation, enables the students to better break into the special facets of the aviation industry.

Another great benefit of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is that it collaborates with various colleges to provide students the option of earning early credits that can be used to advance their college education and future career in the aviation industry.

It was just last year in October of 2015 that the Academy was awarded a 150K grant from the Delta Air Foundation. The academy utilized this very generous grant to purchase a Ceessna 172 plane which now gives the academy 2 Cessnas to train their total of 550 students with.
The (WMAA) is considered one of the largest and most accredited aviation schools in all of Michigan and its vast notoriety can only be attributed to its founder Dick DeVos’s great commitment and dedication. In only 6 small years since it was initially launched, the WMAA (West Michigan Aviation Academy) has grown leaps and bounds. It continues to breed aviation movers and shakers that will someday become pioneers in aviation, just like their school’s founder, Dick DeVos.