Can U.S. Elections Be Bought, End Citizens United Says So

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End Citizens United came about in efforts to combat the way politics was changing. The supreme Court in 2010 made a very big decision that “corporations are people.” The Supreme Court’s decision ultimately allowed for special interests groups to use the wealth of rich donors to sway the way U.S. elections go. The court also allowed for money that is donated to campaigns to have an unlimited amount and have unknown origins of where and who the money came from.

End Citizens United as a political action committee watches very carefully over campaigns, especially campaigns that have candidates running that are associated with the super PAC’s who have a reputation of garnering illegal campaign funds with the goal of buying a winning election in their favor.

Recently, Rick Scott has been on the political action committee’s radar. They have accused Rick Scott of violating the anti-coordination law. He also was the chairman of the New Republican PAC right before he decided to step down to run for the senate seat.

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The communications director for End Citizens United believes strongly that Rick Scott is running with a hidden agenda. The committee finds it ironic that right before he announced he would be running for the senate he stepped down from working the super PAC. That particular super PAC has had ties with campaigns that use funds to buy certain people into office. The political action committee has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in regards to Rick Scott’s campaign run. The political action committee believe Rick Scott is trying to get around federal limits on the sources of campaign money according to Super PAC’s are allowed to raise money but cannot work directly with the campaign itself. The political action group believe the New Republican super PAC is working directly with Rick Scott’s campaign.

Rick Scott’s campaign has denied very strongly any ties or associations with the super PAC. End Citizens United believes otherwise and purses there complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The Federal Election Commission will have the ultimate say-so in what happens with the alleged wrongdoings of Rick Scott and his campaign.

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