Bernardo Chua Enhances the Taste of Coffee Through OrganoGold

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What does it take to make a good business grow? There are very many strategies to make this achievable. Direct sales is one of the best. Bernardo Chua is an accomplished direct sales businessman hence a great entrepreneur.

He is the CEO of Organo Gold, a direct sales coffee company and related products with the aim of providing them to people who use them, especially active business people. His knowledge in network marketing enhanced the growth of the company. He is a recipient of Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal hence contributing to the accomplishment of marketing industries.

Furthermore, his successful career as a businessman has enabled him to get a variety of awards. He got the Dangal ng Bayan Award for business from the People’s Choice and in 2014 he received National Consumers Quality Awards.

His company has been severally noticed as a direct selling food supply organization. Bernardo Chua collaborates with prominent Ganoderma manufacturers in the universe, therefore enhancing the quality of the company’s products.

Earlier in the years as he grew in business, he knew the importance of having a direct sales business. Henceforth he extended the business in the Philippines to other parts of the world. Having an upbringing in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua was aware of the famous Ganoderma, a product of mushrooms that has now become the key to his products in

Organo Gold

Organo Gold was established in the year 2008.after being in the market for five years, its success was mentioned to be the 55th largest direct sales company globally. the company has more than one million suppliers in the world. Every single day the coffee producing company makes an effort to continue topping the charts, so as to maintain its legacy.


Organo Gold location is in Canada a country recognized to have firm rules in products and enterprises. This has contributed to the rise of the company due to the quality products it delivers. The company has significantly established a nutritious substitute to other types of coffee, the coffee has great flavors as well as it enhances the liveliness of people.

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